3 free tools to test the speed of your WordPress website

The speed of your website has become increasingly important during 2016 and will very likely continue that way in 2017.   This is for two main reasons,

  • The impatience of today’s website audiences and
  • The fact that Google does take the speed of your site into consideration when ranking your site

There is no doubt that people are less willing to spend time on your site if each page takes ages to load.  This will directly affect the conversion rate of your website.

How to check your website speed

There are a lot of different tools available to check the speed of your website and here are three of our favourites.  They are all free to use but offer premium, paid, options too which may be worth considering if website conversion rates are key to your business success.

These premium options include the full use of other tools which may well also help you improve your site in other ways.

GTmetrix is a free tool that analyses your website speed performance.  Using PageSpeed and YSlow. GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them.

We have found the recommendations both sensible and actionable and will often go here as our first port of call when looking to improve the performance of a customer website

This is Google’s own tool for assessing the speed of a given page on your website so ignore it at your peril!

We find the results to be informative and important to take into consideration but it is often hard for the non-technical person to understand exactly what needs to be done to make the score better.  It can also be frustrating to find out that the thing that is slowing your site is a tool provided by Google themselves!

Pingdom are known for their uptime monitoring tool but slightly less known for their website speed test.  Tis one has the benefit of having a geographical choice of where to run the test from and shows a good summary of various speed factors as well as good descriptions of areas for improvement.

Signing up to a monthly package with Pingdom gives you a wide range of website performance tools and monitoring options which could also help in your quest for a faster, better, more successful website.

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