The Importance of a Stand Out Website & Having The Right Web Designer


In a crowded marketplace it is so important to stand out from your competitors and not just me another me too website.

Experts say you only have 5-7 seconds to capture someone’s attention with your website before they make up their mind whether they are going to go any further or not. Therefore, your website must primarily do 2 things.

  1. Be well designed, you must blend creativity with functionality. Above the fold is the most important part of your website at this stage, what does someone see when they first land on your page. Don’t just look from your 27-inch desktop, what do they see from a 13-inch laptop, a tablet or mobile phone.

You need to be telling them, who you are, what you do (have some relevant visual imagery to back that up), list a USP/company strapline or headline statement, let them know how you want them to contact you and what do you want them to do next.

All of the above should be evident and accessible from the top of your homepage or in fact any landing page you choose for a potential client to visit.

  1. Be visually appealing, whether you want to be innovative, challenge the industry norm, use bold colours or just wow your visitors, the key element here is to employ a web designer that will understand your business, understand you and offers creativity.

If you are going to step away from a standard template site or creating it yourself using a website builder like Wix, a good website designer is worth their weight in gold and can be a massive asset to the business moving forward and often beyond the initial build and completion of your site. Choosing someone you like and get on with is also a plus.

Beyond the above here are the most important rules you can follow to stand out from people that compete in the same space as you.


Not wanting to point out the obvious, but make sure the viewing experience isn’t tainted depending where and how someone accesses your site. A mobile friendly website is an absolute must. Also make sure your site views well across the various browsers there are out there e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

VISUALS (including videos)

A picture does really paint a thousand words. Not only does it give a strong indication as to what you do, it also adds character to a site. There is a lot of stock imagery available to purchase out there, but if you have original images that you own, or can have your own photos produced, this is even better, illustration can also show individuality in a brand.

Videos allow someone to view your site in a completely new manner and with technology advancing is proving easier and more cost effective to have them included in your site build. Remember, some people prefer and will engage more with a video than reading the text on your site.


Unique, quality content is king. Don’t just leave it to your web designer to fill in the blanks. Getting your website to rank on Google, you must provide Google with valuable content, that is well written, and that people will engage with. Avoid the temptation of copying it from another site (a big no no with Google that will only damage you long term) or templating the same content across your site.

Content, doesn’t necessarily mean, lots of it, prioritise clarity over quantity and this will help the design and flow of the site and should also improve user experience.


Once your website is built, this should just be the beginning of the journey, make sure you include a blog so that you can post relevant and interesting articles moving forward and interact with your audience on a real time basis. There is nothing worse than visiting a site that looks and feels like it was designed a decade ago with out of date content.

Also make sure that you and your visitors can easily share content on your site with their friends and/or on social media, you don’t just want to limit yourself to people that solely visit your site.

A good web designer is one that is current and relevant and one that want to understand your business and end goal before they start working for you or have any amazing ideas. You should be able to rely on them for the long haul and not just over the build project.

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